The Dutch, Utrecht-based singer-songwriter Eveline Vroonland reinvented herself under the new moniker: PHOS. In 2014 her EP – The Jump - was released. Being labeled as Serious Talent she performed a one-woman show using a sampler to loop vocals, percussive sounds and beats. 


After a successful 2014 she continues her musical project with a new sound. As her interest for production began to grow, her debut album – Never Obsolete – was created. She teamed up with producer/rapper Skiggy Rapz to elaborate all the songs. Giving a dreamy, ethereal feel to her beat and vocal-oriented songs her style can be labeled as: Dream & Bass. By experimenting with electronics and nature elements, an organic atmosphere is covering the overall feel of it. 


As a former photographer and a love for designing a real DIY mentality is not only hearable but also visible. 


3VOOR12: ' Never Obsolete will be one of the most promising albums of 2015 '

The Minimalista: 'The result a one of kind jewel of music, an sensitive and dreamy album twisted with this little extra beat for a never boring outcome.  ‘Never Obsolete’ is an album which characterized itself with strong disonances and contrasts, dreamy and eerie at the same time. Accomplished artist PHOS perfectly masters the art of playing with sounds and the art to create a very unique, bold atmosphere.'